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With all the Premium features included.

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Is your business spending too much money on a mail server? Perhaps it does everything you need it to, but you’re probably paying for the features you never used or will never use.
And you wonder if a less expensive product would simplify operations and increase your company’s profits.
Corespl offer a Microsoft Exchange-level mail server software platform for small and medium businesses. Available at a much lower price compared to Gmail for business, MS Exchange or Office 365.

Features included:

For just $2/user/month you will get the features such as:


✓ Works with Outlook:
Works perfectly with Outlook, Windows mail, Thunderbird and other email clients. Regardless of whether users are using Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or a mix of all of them, our web-based client gives users consistent, reliable and secure access to emails on both desktop and mobile.
✓ Easy Sync: Sync Calendar and Contacts across multiple devices
✓ Administration:
Comes with a web-based interface for system and domain administrators, allowing them to access their mail servers remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
✓ Easy setup and free support:
We include unlimited support to all our clients. We will remote into your computer, and setup email client for you. We also help you migrate from your old server to our new platform, and its all free.
✓ You get unlimited email sending and receiving. But we do not allow spamming on any of our server.
✓ It comes with 1GB disk space. If you need more space it only costs $1/GB.
✓ Antispam and antivirus options also available for only $1/month.

Monthly Packages
Price (per email)
1 to 10
10 to 25
More than 25